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When you have engineering job vacancies, including CNC machinist and CNC programmer jobs available to fill and pressure to get the perfect candidate quickly, it can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

With so few experienced CNC Machinists entering the job market, it’s difficult to find the right candidates.

This is made harder when some recruitment consultancies and employment agencies are trying to just get people off their books and onto your payroll.

This site is a collection of my experiences of recruiting skilled Engineers for the CNC Sector and is intended to offer some support.

I spent years searching for and assessing CNC Machinists from basic setter operators with minor editing skills, to CNC Programmers with a greater degree of competence of machine controls including all varieties of G Code and Conversational languages to Programmers that can write Programmes for the manufacture of small batch components and prototyping in a variety of materials:

The skills I was regularly asked to find were

  •  CNC Setters able to carry out basic editing of Programmes,
  • CNC Programmers able to Programme via Machine Controls
  • CNC Programmers able to Programme using from Drawings using CADCAM
  • CMM Inspectors,
  • CMM Programmers, experienced in PC-Dmis, Wenzel, Mitutoyu, 
  • NC Programmers with Offline and verification software experience.
  • Machine Shop Managers,
  • CNC Production Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers,
  • CADCAM Managers,
  • Manufacturing Managers,
  • Engineering Managers, and even
  • Managing Directors for CNC Machining Companies.


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  1. Helen

    We require a CNC Miller, programmer/setter/operator with Fanuc experience. Oil & Gas, MOD, and Deep Sea are our main sector. Self-employed permant position.

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