Why Do Staff Leave?

Why Do Staff Leave?

Over the years I’ve heard many reasons why people leave their job, it’s one of the first questions we ask.

If you employ CNC Programmers and they tell you they’re leaving do you ever get to understand the reasons why?

Here’s 18 different randomly chosen reasons from 18 CNC Programmers as to why they  wanted to leave their current job

Maybe some of these situations exist in your Machine Shop?

  1.  “Been there 16 years and the company have gone to a 4 day week and gone really quiet – job insecurity coupled with a drop in money”
  2. “Would like to earn more money but no possibility as the company don’t pay overtime rates”
  3. “Left the company as fell out with the Production Manager over a 3 year period”
  4. “The company lied to me, they said it was a job for a CNC Programmer and it’s a CNC machine operator”.
  5. “Made redundant”
  6. “Frustration at lack of staff skills, fed up with the way things are being run”
  7. “Very small batch work – more used to production quantities and larger components”
  8. “Would like to be near a bigger city ideally near an airport”
  9. “Been put on a 4 day shift 6 – 6 so no chance of overtime”
  10. “Does 38.5 basic and 7.5 overtime 46 per week and odd Saturday. Would like to increase earning potential”
  11. “Commute too far”
  12. “Things that are happening making him unhappy – Management changes and Company appears to be going downhill”.
  13. “Limited overtime and it’s capped it”
  14. “Work dropped off at his current company and it’s forever changing with new factories in opening up”
  15. “Work started to slack off”
  16. “Wants to get off nights no immediate openings on days”
  17. “New management keeps changing for changes sake and undoing all the hard work that had been done”.
  18. “Wanted an opportunity to find a position that could challenge engineering skills”

I’d be interested to know your thoughts – Comments welcome


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