Give Them A Magic Wand

How often do you talk to your employees?

Everyone is getting on with their work and everything seems fine, but is it?

Even with a Machine Shop of say 15 CNC Machinists, at any one time somebody is probably going to have a problem with you, or the company, or the department, or the job.

There’s a saying…… takes a thousand cuts to kills a camel.

In the workplace its application is that every time a ‘cut’ happens, your employee is pushed a little closer to the edge.

Often they’re trivial things like

• Never anywhere to park
• Daily commute too far / traffic jams
• Too cold / hot in the Machine Shop
• Music too loud where they are
• Machine tool used is always breaking down
• Major row with a co worker
• No respect for the technical ability of co workers
• Work isn’t challenging enough

Maybe you can add some of your own in the comments box?

But my point is these daily ‘cuts’ will happen to your people and if you don’t nip them in the bud you may only find out about them when it’s too late and they’ve decided to leave.

You don’t need to do anything formal, just taking 10 minutes to talk to ask them how the job is going, how they’re finding things.

When I carry out similar meetings I sometimes find that whatever the issue is my staff will have concluded that nothing could be done about it.

So I would have to tease it out with questions like “if you had a magic wand tell me one thing you would change about your job”. This would sometimes give me the strangest problems but could be resolved quite easily.

I’m keen to know the reasons you’ve been given when people have left was it any of the above?

Did you find a way to resolve it?

Somebody else reading this post may have the same issues and you could just help them.






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