Did you know you don’t have to pay an introduction fee?

In fact did you know that in legal terms there are actually 2 types of Recruitment agency?

As the Recruitment Industry is highly regulated (You can get a copy here) Agencies are either an Employment Business, which is the name for an agency that supplies temporary workers, (or contractors as I prefer to call them) and an Employment Agency, which is the name for a company that finds permanent staff.

The reality is that a lot of Recruitment Agencies do both.

But when it comes to supplying you a temporary worker (contractor) they’re acting as an Employment Business, and if they’re finding you a permanent member of staff they’re acting as a Recruitment Agency.

But what happens if the temporary worker you’re using applies for a permanent position?

They may be as great candidate.

They know the company; the job and they’re a known quantity to you and you to them.

What will the agency say? You‘ll need to tell them. (If you want to know why leave a comment)

Well the good news is that the Employment Business supplying the temporary worker will be able to offer you a temporary to permanent solution, where no fee is payable.

The precise way in which this works will be detailed in the Recruitment Agencies Terms of Business.

Once you’ve identified that your temp may be suitable for your vacancy, ask the agency how long the temporary to permanent transfer option would be.

They’re required by law to give you the option to hire without an introduction fee, called an extended hire period, after which time a free transfer would be available.

Alternatively you can opt to pay a transfer or introduction fee without the extended hire period.

The Recruitment Agency should provide you with these details at the time of the booking.

Employment Businesses are required by law to include this information in they’re terms so if you can’t see it….. ask them about it.

At Bespoke we offer a temporary to permanent solution if the vacancy is a temporary to permanent one, or the option to spread the fee over 6 months if the vacancy is a permanent one.



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